Zina Linnik
Age 12 (at time of her death)
Existence Real
Status Dead
Cause of Death Beaten to death and murdered by Terapon Adhahn
Enemies Terapon Adhahn
Occupation Middle School Student (at time of her death)
Appearances Zina Linnik - Chilling Crimes 1x04 - Joe Winko

Myspace Horror Story - Joe Winko Talk

Zina Linnik was a young girl who lived in Tacoma Washington. She was born in the European Country of Ukraine on November 25th, 1994. She immigrated to the USA with her family in 1997 to begin a new life. Ten years later, she was kidnapped and murdered by Terapon Adhahn in the summer of 2007. Three months after her death, Joe Winko came across her story online during his Myspace assault ordeal back in 2007. He felt very sorry for her. Zina Linnik is first mentioned on an episode of Chilling Crimes and later in an episode of Joe Winko Talk.
Zina Linnik - Chilling Crimes 1x04 - Joe Winko

Zina Linnik - Chilling Crimes 1x04 - Joe Winko

The Chilling Crimes Episode about Zina Linnik.


Zina Linnik reminded Joe Winko of Jill Valentine, a character from the Resident Evil video games.


  • Joe Winko survived an attack similar to Zina Linnik. He was assaulted by a man he met on Myspace in year 2007.
  • Zina died of blunt force trama to her, a similar injury that Joe Winko received during his attack.
  • Joe Winko discovered the story of Zina Linnik in the aftermath of his attack from the man he met on Myspace.
  • As a memorial/homage to Zina Linnik, whenever Joe Winko plays the game, Resident Evil Deadly Silence, he plays as the character, Jill Valentine, to himself bares a resemblance to Zina Linnik. He pretends that Zina Linnik is the actual character he's playing as and that he's helping her escape and survive the horrific events that occur in the mansion in Resident Evil.
    Myspace Horror Story - Joe Winko Talk

    Myspace Horror Story - Joe Winko Talk

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