The Southern Mansion
Type A large house than Joe Winko was sent to live in.
Existence Real
Location Down South (USA)
Status Inhabited by Joe Winko
Appears In Living Down South VS Living in the Midwest

& all episodes of Joe Winko Talk afterward

The Southern Mansion is Joe Winko's home since October 4th 2017. It is first mentioned in an episode of Joe Winko Talk titled Living Down South VS Living in the Midwest. It is also described as a very large colorful home on a hill with palm trees located in a warm southern state Down South, yet the state it's located in is currently unknown.

Known Facts Edit

  • The mansion is located in the south in an area where Palm Trees grow and in a place where unique species of birds reside.
  • According to Joe Winko in his episode of Joe Winko Talk titled, Deadly Southern Heat, the mansion is located roughly 1,200 kilometers (700 miles) away from his original home, his adoptive parent's house, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Even though Joe Winko lives in the house, he does not own it. He resides in the house with 5 of his adoptive parent's relatives. He does spend a lot of time alone there.
  • Despite the large size of the house, Joe Winko's bed room is actually the smallest room in the house, and there are many bedrooms and hallways Joe Winko is not allowed to go inside and can not get inside anyway because the doors are always locked.
  • The house is also located in a neighborhood which is notorious for being hit with tropical storms and hurricanes.
  • Joe Winko is also the youngest person living in the subdivision at 21 years old.