Shatuanee Greene
Age 34
Existence Real
Status Alive
Occupation Shop Lifter
Appearances Walmart Cookie Dough Explodes - Joe Winko Talk
Shatuanee Greene is a woman mentioned in an episode of Joe Winko Talk, who tried stealing cookie dough from Walmart. Unfortunately for her, she ended up being injured badly when the cookie dough can exploded in her vagina.

The Wal-mart Incident

In December of 2015, Shatuanee went to walmart one day with her children in South Carolina. When no one was looking, she grabbed a can of cookie dough and shoved it in her vagina. She attempted to sneak out of the store but was caught and confronted by a security guard. The Security guard demanded Shatuanee to give the cookie dough back. Instead, Shatuanee turned to run and was tackled by the security guard. This somehow caused the can of cookie dough to explode inside of her vagina. Shatuanee was on the floor screaming in agony amid the cookie dough splattered all over her leg. The police where called and she was medically treated for her injuries and arrested. Joe Winko soon found her news story on Facebook and made fun of her in an episode of Joe Winko Talk.

Walmart Cookie Dough Explodes - Joe Winko Talk

Walmart Cookie Dough Explodes - Joe Winko Talk

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