Olivia Morris
Age 15 (at time of her death)
Existence Fictional Character
Status Dead
Cause of Death Beaten and Stabbed to death by Ghostface
Friends Joe Winko

Kirby Reed

Enemies Ghostface
Occupation High School Student **At time of her death**
Appearances Scream 4

Fanpage Post from Joe Winko

Olivia Morris is the name of character from the 2011 slasher film Scream 4. She lived in Woodsboro California and was one of the victims of the 2011 Woodsboro murders. She was brutally beaten and stabbed to death in her bedroom by Ghostface while Jill Roberts and Kirby Reed watched in terror. She was the third victim to die in Woodsboro. Her body was buried at the Woodsboro Cemetery in April of 2011.

Connections to Joe Winko Edit

A year later (August of 2012), Joe Winko expressed in a Facebook status that he was in a state of depression and felt really lonely because he had no friends or people to hang out with. Soon after, the ghost of Olivia Morris contacted him on Facebook and she became friends with Joe Winko. Eventually, Olivia Morris created the official fanpage for Joe Winko on Facebook in summer of 2012. Joe Winko Didn't start using it until early 2013. Olivia Morris is still listed as one of Joe Winko's friends on Facebook even though they rarely interact she is still considered one of Joe Winko's allies.

Scream 4 - Olivia's Death - HD

Scream 4 - Olivia's Death - HD.

Olivia dies in Scream 4. :'(

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