A random picture of a brunette girl who resembles what Natalie might look like today...
Age 19 **9 Years old when Joe Winko knew her**
Existence Real
Status Unknown
Enemies Joe Winko
Occupation Elementary School Student **When Joe Winko knew her**
Appearances The Death Hoax of Joe Winko - Joe Winko Talk **Mentioned by Joe Winko only***

Natalie was a girl that Joe Winko went to school with at St. Sherry's Catholic School. Joe Winko claims to have saved her life from a 7 foot tall 295 pound Singwaudo Cactus during science class back in 3rd grade (during the 2004-2005 school year).


Joe Winko saved Natalie's life from a falling potted cactus.

Apparently what happened was, the students in Joe Winko's 3rd grade science class where examining the large, potted cactus which was brought into the classroom earlier that morning. Two unnamed male twins in Joe Winko's class then started rough-housing or horse-playing, resulting in one of them accidentally bumping into the cactus and knocking it over. Natalie was positioned right under the path of the falling cactus, and many students of St. Sherry's believe that if the cactus would have landed on her face, she would have died. Luckily, Joe Winko managed to pull her out of the way in time but not quite soon enough...

The cactus landed on Natalie's leg, injuring her semi-severely but not seriously at all, and causing her to let out a long "straight-shot" scream of agony and pain which bewildered everyone in the vicinity. Natalie was eventually carried to the school nurses' office where the cactus spikes where removed from her leg. Because of Joe Winko's 9-year-old autistic mind, he believed the cactus spikes where poisonous but later it was confirmed by his teacher that they weren't.

Later on during recess in the days after the incident, many of Joe Winko's schoolmates believed that Joe Winko had saved Natalie's life even though she ended up getting hurt by the cactus anyway. Even though Joe Winko had saved Natalie's life, Natalie and Joe Winko were never friends and Natalie resented Joe Winko for unknown reason even prior to this incident. Besides that, no other facts are known about Natalie including whether or not she's still alive today, but she most likely is.

The Death Hoax of Joe Winko - Joe Winko Talk

The Death Hoax of Joe Winko - Joe Winko Talk

Natalie and the cactus incident are mentioned at 14:27 in this video.

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