Michelle Garvey
Age 15 (at time of her death)
Existence Real
Status Dead
Cause of Death Strangled to Death


Occupation High School Student (at time of her death)
Appearances Michelle Garvey - Chilling Crimes 1x03 - Joe Winko
Michelle Garvey (born June 3rd 1967) was a teenage girl who ran away from the town of New London, Connecticut in the summer of 1982. A month later, she was found Dead in Bay Town, Texas. Since her body was found so far away from home, no one knew who she was and she was buried as a Jane Doe in a paupers cemetery, where she remained for three decades. In January of 2014, she was identified as Michelle Garvey and her remains where returned to New London, Connecticut for burial. Joe Winko talks about her case in his third episode of his crime documentary series Chilling Crimes.
Michelle Garvey - Chilling Crimes 1x03 - Joe Winko

Michelle Garvey - Chilling Crimes 1x03 - Joe Winko

Questions of Joe Winko Edit

Joe Winko felt very sorry for Michelle Garvey, but was also very curious about her case. He had many questions about her which he hoped would be discussed in the comments section of her episode of Chilling Crimes, but they weren't.


A view of New London Connecticut, the town that Michelle Garvey ran away from in year 1982.

  • Who killed Michelle Garvey? and why?
  • Why Did Michelle Run Away? Was she having problems at home with her family? Was she being bullied in school? Was she just really rebellious? Or did she not like her hometown at all and wanted to leave?
  • What were the circumstances of her disappearance? Did her parents walk into her bedroom one day and saw that she was gone? Did it seem like she was planning on running away the whole entire time? Or did she just leave the house after an argument with her parents one day and never came back?
  • Michelle Garvey also supposedly had a history of running away. Joe Winko wondered, where did Michelle run away to? Did she come home by herself or did the police bring her home? Who did she run away with? Friends? Truck-drivers? or did she hitch hike?
  • Why did Michelle go to Texas? Did she have a relationship with someone who her parents did not know of?

Facts Edit

  • Michelle Garvey ran away on June 1st 1982.
  • Michelle Garvey was found dead on July 1st 1982 in Texas, hours after she was killed, meaning that she was alive for an entire month before she died.
  • Michelle was buried at the Saint Patrick's Cemetery in Montville, Connecticut in year 2014.
  • Michelle Garvey was also of Irish-American ethnicity.
  • According to her corners report, Michelle Garvey was 5 foot 3 and 130 pounds.
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