King Neptune
Existence Real
Status Undead
Friends Joe Winko


Occupation God of Water & The Sea
Appearances Personal Legend of King Neptune | Joe Winko Talk

King Neptune is a Roman God who is the 'god of fresh water and the sea'. He is mentioned numerous times by Joe Winko, who believes he is real.


Joe Winko first learned of King Neptune when he went to live with his uncle, Romario, in the Dominican Republic. Romario had drawings of King Neptune all over the house, but Joe Winko never asked about them.

It wasn't until years later that Joe Winko discovered that King Neptune is a Roman God who is the 'god of fresh water and the sea'.

Joe Winko's Legend of King Neptune

Joe Winko's Uncle, Romario, passed away in year 2012 and his ashes were scattered into the Atlantic Ocean, another place that Joe Winko is spiritually connected to. Joe Winko believes that when he dies, King Neptune will appear and guide Joe Winko's spirit out into the Atlantic Ocean to reunite him with the soul of his uncle, Romario.

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