Type State in the USA
Existence Real
Location Midwestern Region of the USA
Status Open
Appears In • 10 Year old Chicago Runaway | Joe Winko Talk

• Joplin Tornado In Memory of William Richard Norton | Joe Winko Talk

• Roadtrip To Arkansas With A Stranger From Craigslist | Joe Winko Talk

• States With The Highest Move Out Rates | Joe Winko Talk

Illinois is a state located in the Midwestern region of the USA. It is also a state that Joe Winko is spiritually connected too and it has been mentioned in episodes of Joe Winko Talk. It is also one of the states Joe Winko had to travel through to get to Arkansas back when he lived in Wisconsin.


Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and the most populated. When Joe Winko was 10 years old, he ran away to Chicago in summer of 2006 by boarding a greyhound bus. Joe Winko claimed that he lived on the streets of Chicago for 3 whole nights. While he was there he slept in garbage bins. It was a miserable experience for Joe Winko. He later returned home after hearing gunshots next to the garbage bin he was sleeping in the night before. His adoptive parents reported him missing during that time but barely any effort was put forward to locating him.

Joe Winko did returned to Chicago in early 2016 when he was noticed by a modeling agency but he later found out it was a scam and he was too smart to fall for it. This still really disappointed Joe Winko because he always wanted to become a model. It is unknown whether this had been mentioned on an episode of Joe Winko Talk.

In a 2018 episode of Joe Winko Talk, Joe Winko explained that Illinois was one of the states with the highest move out rates in the USA. Joe Winko also traveled through Illinois to get to Florida, Alabama, and Arkansas back when he was living in Wisconsin.


  • Illinois is currently the 6th most populated state in the USA
  • Illinois is bordered by Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Kentucky.
  • Illinois is also believed by Joe Winko to have a warmer climate than Wisconsin, although this has not yet been confirmed by Joe Winko but is most likely true due to it's location.
  • Joe Winko also describes Illinois as a 'long state' since it took so long for him to go through Illinois on the way down to Arkansas.
  • Illinois also gets 'ravaged' by tornadoes every year and it is also one of the states that The Tri-State Tornado passed through and killed at least 613 people.
  • Interstate 55 and Interstate 57 run through the state of Illinois.
  • In his previous life, Joe Winko traveled across the state of Illinois on foot back in March of 1925, but he never made it due to the fact that he was killed by The Tri-State Tornado in Indiana.
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