Beth Greene
Age 18
Existence Fictional Character
Status Alive
Friends Johanna


Enemies Jason Voorhees
Occupation College Student
Appearances Friday the 13th Part 2 - Sims 2 Horror Movie (2015)

Beth Greene is a character from The Walking Dead who also stars in Joe Winko's Sims 2 Horror film Friday the 13th: Part 2 along side Johanna.

Friday the 13th Part 2

Beth Greene travels to Camp Crystal Lake along with her roommates, Glori and Vicky, and a few of Vicky's male friends. Beth Greene is shy of Vicky's friends and doesn't seem interested in socializing with any of them despite Vicky's urges for her too. Eventually, Beth Greene discovers Johanna at Crystal Lake while her classmates are bullying her. Beth Greene and Glori defend Johanna and Johanna's classmates then retreat from bullying her.

Johanna instantly becomes friends with Beth Greene and Glori who invite her to their cabin for the night. Johanna agrees to sneak out of her cabin late at night to come hang out with Beth and Glori. Meanwhile, Johanna's entire 8th grade class are slaughtered off one by one by Jason Voorhees.

Later on Beth and Glori walk Johanna part-way back to her cabin while Vicky and her male friends get butchered by Jason Voorhees. Beth and Glori return to their cabin and are horrified when they find the bodies of Tim and Craig. A distressed and frightened Johanna then barges into their cabin and warns them that Jason Voorhees is real and is on the loose at Camp Crystal lake.



To their terror, Jason breaks through the front doors and chases Johanna, Beth, and Glori through the woods of Camp Crystal lake. Jason then tracks down Beth who is hiding inside Jason's cabin where the severed head of his mother is located. Beth then hypnotizes Jason into thinking she is the ghost of his mother. Beth then attempts to attack Jason but Jason knocks the knife out of her hand and tries to kill her right before Johanna and Glori show up armed with machine guns. Both girls then open fire on Jason Voorhees which temporarily wounds him, allowing time for Beth to escape with them. Jason then gets up and goes out to hunt down and kill Beth, Glori, and Johanna.

Luckily all three girls conspire together and forum a plan to stop Jason Voorhees. Johanna wanders out into the woods searching for Jason who eventually finds her and chases her back to the gazebo. Beth, Glori, and Johanna then open fire on the pillars of the gazebo causing it to collapse on Jason Voorhees. In the end, after the surviving female trio escape from Camp Crystal Lake, it is revealed that Jason Voorhees is still alive and lurking camp Crystal Lake.

Friday the 13th Part 2 - Sims 2 Horror Movie (2015)

Friday the 13th Part 2 - Sims 2 Horror Movie (2015)

Beth Greene stars in Friday the 13th: Part 2 along side Johanna.

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