Asia McGowan
Age 20 (at time of her death)
Existence Real
Status Dead
Cause of Death Shot to Death (by Anthony Powell)
Enemies Anthony Powell
Occupation College Student (at time of her death)
Appearances Asia McGowan - Chilling Crimes 1x05 - Joe Winko

The Legacy of Asia McGowan - Joe Winko Talk

Asia McGowan was young woman from Dearborn Michigan who was also a YouTuber. She loved making people laugh and was very talented at dancing. As a college student at Henry Ford Community College, Asia's life dream was to become a famous dancer. Sadly, she was murdered by Anthony Powell on April 10th 2009. Her story was discussed by Joe Winko on an episode of Chilling Crimes. Asia was later talked about in an episode of Joe Winko Talk. Joe Winko felt sorry for her death and did not want her to be forgotten.
Asia McGowan - Chilling Crimes 1x05 - Joe Winko

Asia McGowan - Chilling Crimes 1x05 - Joe Winko

Life & Death

Asia McGowan attended Henry Ford Community College. For fun, she would always post videos on YouTube. Her videos consisted of her dancing and singing, and of her clowning around with her friends. Sadly, Asia soon caught the attention of Anthony Powell who was harassing and bullying Asia online. On April 10th 2009, Anthony Powell came into Asia's classroom and murdered her with a shotgun while she was in class. He then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

The Legacy of Asia McGowan

Asia's Youtube Haters

Asia's Youtube Haters

The last video Asia McGowan uploaded on YouTube.

The last video Asia uploaded on YouTube was a video of herself standing up against her haters. It was posted on April 6th 2009. In the video, Asia talks back against her haters in a defensive manner. She then explains how haters do nothing but bringing the individual that they are hating on up. Joe Winko found her words inspirational and decided to discuss them in an episode of Joe Winko Talk. Joe Winko claims that the legacy of Asia McGowan is to not pay attention to the haters and to not let them discourage you.

Legacy of Asia McGowan - Joe Winko Talk

Legacy of Asia McGowan - Joe Winko Talk

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