Age 14
Existence Real
Status Alive
Occupation Prostitute (former)
Appearances Cheeseburger Girl - Joe Winko Talk
Angelique is a girl from The Maury Show appearing in an episode of Joe Winko Talk. While on The Maury Show, she bragged about being a 14 year old prostitute and was proud of having sex in exchange for a double-cheese burger with bacon. Joe Winko makes fun of her in his episode of Joe WInko Talk.
Cheeseburger Girl - Joe Winko Talk

Cheeseburger Girl - Joe Winko Talk

The episode of Joe Winko Talk that Angelique is mentioned in.


Angelique was proud of having sex for a double cheese burger with bacon.


  • Angelique bragged about having sex with more than 30 different guys.
  • Angelique also claimed to be sexually involved with more than five guys at a time during her appearance on The Maury Show. Ironically, Five Guys is actually a fast food restaurant that sells double-cheese burgers.
  • Angelique was a prostitute and was proud of having sex for a double-cheese burger with bacon.
  • Angelique also claimed that her job was all about 'fast money' and 'fast food' in Joe Winko's opinion.
  • Maury made Angelique do community service for an intervention to stop her bad behavior.
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