Age 35 (at time of her death)
Existence Fictional Character
Status Dead
Cause of Death Drowned to death during Tsunami
Family Johanna
Friends Johanna
Occupation Unknown
Appearances Body Count House - Sims 2 Horror Movie (2014)

Ada is a character appearing in Joe Winko's 2014 Sims 2 slasher film, Body Count House. In the movie, she is Johanna's deceased biological aunt who Johanna misses dearly. She is the female counterpart of Joe Winko's real uncle Romario, who died of brain-cancer in year 2012.

Body Count House

Ada first appears in Body Count House during a flashback scene of Johanna on the beach with Ada. It is later revealed by Johanna that Ada was Johanna's only biological family member she ever knew, and that Ada had died from drowning when the island they lived on was hit by tsunami. Ada also appears in Johanna's Grandtheft Auto machinima film and is mentioned numerous times by Johanna through out Body Count House. In the ending of Body Count House, during the final battle between Johanna and Adam, Ada's ghost appears and throws Johanna a rocket launcher which she uses to destroy Adam. After Adam is defeated Johanna and Ada share a tearful goodbye to each other. Ada's ghost then fades away, while Johanna says goodbye to her.


  • Ada is the female counterpart of Joe Winko's real life uncle, Romario.
  • Ada is also based off a character from the Resident Evil video games.
  • Joe Winko chose Ada to be Romario's female character counterpart because Ada was actually Romario's favorite character from the Resident Evil games. Joe Winko dedicated her character to Romario's memory.
  • Ada's appearance was also altered from the real Ada Wong who appears in the Resident Evil video games (her eye color was changed to blue and her face was remolded to resemble Joe Winko's uncle, Romario.)
  • Ada does not appear in Friday the 13th: Part 2 and was not mentioned by Johanna in the film either.
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